Exhibition Stockholm 2018

The Children’s ’68 – Barnens ’68 – när barnboken politiserades, fantasin flödade och debatten blev vassare

Exhibition from 14th November to 20th December 2018 at the Svenska barnboksinstitutet [Swedish Institute for Children’s Books]   

This exhibition adapted the Paris exhibition to the Swedish context, using books from the Institute’s historic collections. It invited visitors to discover this key period in Swedish children’s literature, when books for the young were influenced by the counter-cultural currents that rocked Swedish society around ’68. 

The exhibition was a collaboration between the librarians at the Swedish Institute for Children’s Books, Lillemor Torstensson and Sofia Gydemo, and Sophie Heywood and Olle Widhe of the Children’s ’68 project, and the Paris exhibition team (Hélène Vallotteau and Viviane Ezratty of the Heure Joyeuse/ Mediathèque Françoise Sagan, Loïc Boyer, and Cécile Vergez-Sans).  

To complement the exhibition, the Institute made ’68 the theme of its academic journal, Barnboken – Journal of Children’s Literature Research and organised a study day on the Nordic children’s ’68, on 28th November 2018. The full programme can be found here

The exhibition was featured on Swedish national television news, view the clip here.